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Circle of Deer

May 27, 2011 Comments off

I’ve been trying my best to do all the challenges for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. It has so far been a great way to learn new techniques and experiment with fabric and blocks.


Starting Point

Our most recent challenge was to make a circle of flying geese block, and turn it into any kind of project we liked. I had never done paper piecing before so I decided to make tit even harder on myself and do some fussy cuts for the “geese”.

I used some teal linen from a fabric store in Surrey as the background, and lovely deer fabric from Spool of Thread (yes, I shop there a lot). I threw in a triangle of a pink from Kona.

Completed Block

Completed Block

I haven’t made anything out of it yet. I think I might make it into a sewing machine cover, but am not 100% sure. I’ll definitely add more of the pink fabric and more deer though.

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WIP: Clapotis

May 25, 2011 Comments off

I may be one of the last knitters in the world to start a clapotis but I finally did and am really enjoying the knit so far.


Dropped Stitches

I am doing a modified size (only 5 increase/drcrease sections, and planning on only 5 straight sections) because I am using a single skein of Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight (colourway: ratia) that I bought in Toronto last summer at Lettuce Knit.

I tend to buy a lot of single skeins of sock and lace yarns, usually overcome by their colour and softness. However, I don’t wear socks so I tend not to knit many and am constantly on the hunt for fun projects for these lovely single skeins.


close up

I’m expecting the end product to be a nice springtime shawlette that will button up around my neck. Probably a fancy button. I feel like the yarn deserves it.

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Piece to Peace Quilt Show

May 21, 2011 2 comments

This past weekend I spent several hours wandering through a maze of quilts at the annual show of the Fraser Valley Quilters’ Guild with Amy.

I had my brand new camera with me, took over 200 pictures and probably should have taken a water break during that time. I almost bought some amazing fabrics from Passionate Dyes, but didn’t have a project in mind so I resisted. I’ll have to at some point though.

Here’s a selection of some of the quilts that really stood out to me. I’ve credited the quilter along with the title, but full details can be found on my flickr set.

Lightening Strikes by Debra Sanderson

Lightening Strikes by Debra Sanderson

Bargellos were some of the first quilts that made me say “oh my, do I want to do that”. I still haven’t even tried the technique but this variation definitely renews the inspiration.

Oceanview by Lois Haasjes

Oceanview by Lois Haasjes

I’m going through a phase where I love landscapes. This beach scene pulls at me in a very personal way and the real feather is a lovely touch.

Be Aglow with the Spirit by Elaine Kethler

Be Aglow with the Spirit by Elaine Kethler

I am constantly thinking about this pattern in other colour palettes, Black and teals or fuchsia are the most frequent. This could be my first on-point project.

from Garden Row Quilt by Marilyn Smith

from Garden Row Quilt by Marilyn Smith

This was one of many cool element in a larger Garden quilt. I want to make a whole quilts of these adorable birds. There was also an awesome paper-pieced tomato block I’d love to track down.

Unknown (oops!)

Unknown (oops!)

I love the twist on a classic HST value quilt. (Is there a proper name for this?) I forgot to take a picture of the description so if you know who made this I’d love to add their name.

It was a very good show and I have a bunch of new ideas.

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