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WIP: Clapotis

May 25, 2011

I may be one of the last knitters in the world to start a clapotis but I finally did and am really enjoying the knit so far.


Dropped Stitches

I am doing a modified size (only 5 increase/drcrease sections, and planning on only 5 straight sections) because I am using a single skein of Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight (colourway: ratia) that I bought in Toronto last summer at Lettuce Knit.

I tend to buy a lot of single skeins of sock and lace yarns, usually overcome by their colour and softness. However, I don’t wear socks so I tend not to knit many and am constantly on the hunt for fun projects for these lovely single skeins.


close up

I’m expecting the end product to be a nice springtime shawlette that will button up around my neck. Probably a fancy button. I feel like the yarn deserves it.

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