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How I feel acupuncture

June 3, 2011

I haven’t talked to many people in detail about how acupuncture feels so I’m not sure if the feelings are uniquely mine, or pretty universal. Either way, here’s my experience of it.

The needles going in. They start on the head, then down one side of the body and up the other. Each needle goes in quickly. Some I barely feel, others leave a pinching sensation for a few minutes.

Certain points will be located by some light finger pressure, and sometimes I’ll feel the needle move slightly once it’s in. It never really feels like an actual needle prick though.

Sometimes, when they are trying to get some quick results (like soothe a headache) They will apply pressure to several spots and ask me to say when it’s tender as well. When I feel tenderness a needle goes in that spot. I don’t always feel complete relief instantly, but usually feel some relief pretty quickly.

Then they make sure you’re comfortable, offer you a blanket and leave you to relax. I close my eyes and try to focus on the soft music playing, until I fall asleep. I’d say I fall asleep about half the time. If I feel sensations from any of the needle points, or pain points, I focus on them. I breathe into them and try to breathe them back out.

I feel my sessions that have the most impact when I get this pulsing feeling happening. It’s like I can feel the blood flowing through me in a very circular way. Sometimes it’s a full body feeling, and other times is concentrated on one side of my body, or one area. It could definitely be described as feeling the energy moving and activated.

Eventually, when I’m ready, the needles come out with a minimum of feeling. Afterwards the feelings range from tired, to energetic, to other-worldly. I always feel good and relaxed though.

So there’s my raves for acupuncture. I love it and will probably go once or twice a month even when I’m symptom-free just because it makes me feel good.

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