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One year

September 10, 2012


Over a year has passed since my last post and the thing that has motivated me to blog again is a change I might make a year from now.

I’ve looked at Capilano Universitie’s Textile Arts programs several times over the years since I’ve been back in the working world full time. Each time I just feel I’m not ready to do the student life again.

But this last week has me looking at it again for a bunch of reasons. It feels like the timing might be right or it might be in 12 months.

So in the next week or so I will be building a list of 10 potential portfolio items to work on between now and the portfolio deadline in April 2013. They can be of any media but need too represent my point of view. They also get discussed at in-person interviews the following month.

That’s my plan at least.

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